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Educator’s Guide – Am I Doing It “Right?”

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What follows is an informal questionnaire I use to evaluate if an educator is doing it right:

  • Do the learners’ eyes light up when they see your?
  • Do your eyes light up when you see your learners?
  • Do the learners excitedly enter the classroom?
  • Do the learners hesitantly leave the classroom at the end of the day/lesson – often saying, “Is it time to go already?”
  • Do learners feel comfortable asking you questions about what, how, and why they are learning in your class?
  • Do you see learners’ eyes flicker with new understandings?
  • Because of what they are learning in your class, do learners want to tell you about what they have read, created, seen, and/or thought about?
  • Do the learners ask if they can get on the computer to learn more about a topic being covered in class?
  • Do learners critically examine and question topics being covered?
  • Do you see your learners’ sense of wonder – the sense found in young children as they discover the world around them?
  • Do learners get to tap into, explore, and use their personal passions during your class?
  • Do learners propose learning projects to you – things they’d like to do in your class?
  • Do learners spend extra, not-required time outside of class studying and/or working on topics covered in class?
  • Does your heart break at the end of the school year when you say goodbye to your learners?
  • Do learners contact you after your class has ended to share difficulties and successes?
  • Do the learners contact later in life to say you have made a difference? (Note:  This is more realistic given social media.  I have had several students do so and it is an amazing gift.)

Doing it right is never about the worksheets, tests, textbooks, or scripted curriculum.

Others?  Please suggest them!

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